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Agile Lean Europe Network

At the XP Days Madrid last week we got together and discussed the organization of a ALE 2011 conference in Berlin on September 7 – 9. Our current plan is here.
The idea of this conference is to organize and share across europe on Lean and Agile thinking. Maybe it gives us something new, maybe new ideas will merge and maybe not. But lets try and find out!

The first project that merged form the ALE network, ALE site, is the Bathtub conference initiative. The idea is to get people together for a short online conference. A conference that’s easy to attend and to participate in, you can even participate from your Bathtub 🙂

Om May 19 from 2100 CEST until 2300 CEST we will have our first Bathtub conference. See the Bathtub conferences site for more information.

You can easily participate by registering

21:00 – 2150 CEST – Michael Palotas – 50 min talk
“Test Automation at eBay. A closer look behind eBay’s test automation

22:00 – 22:15 CEST – Inbar Oren – 12 min lightning talk
“Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wall – Visual Management and Gemba Walks”

22:15 – 22:30 CEST – Andrea Provaglio – 12 min lightning talk
“Overcoming Self-organization Blocks”

22:30 – 22:45 CEST – Andreas Ebbert-Karoum – 12 min lightning talk
“topic to be determined”

22:45 – 23:00 CEST – Oana Juncu – 12 min lightning talk
Exchange about what are the signes/indicators of a successful Agile

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