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Retrospective results Bathtub II and peek at Bathtub III

We, Carlo Bechi, Oana Juncu, Pascal Dufour and Cesario Ramos had a retrospective on the 2nd Bathtub and come up with the following improvements for the 3rd Bathtub

1. Introduce 3 – 5 min breaks between the talks, so people have time for a break and some discussion using IRC, Twitter and so on.
2. We are going to search for a new tool that support multiple organizers
3. We will keep the IRC channel for collaboration
4. We will go back to 5 talks of 12 min + 3 min questions each.
5. We will be asking the country of participants to get a overview of the participants locations.
6. Plan retrospective with speakers and attendees upfront before the conference.
7. Survey after the conference.

Potential speakers for the 3rd Conference that wil be organized in october 2011.
– @vhazrati
– @cesarioramos
– @olavmaassen
– @jbrains
– Elisabeth Hendrikson
– @filippodesantis (shorter version of http://www.slideshare.net/p16/xkanban-xp-kanban-e-timeboxing)

The Bathtub initiative is for the ALE community and organized by the ALE community. So if you want to contribute in the organization or as a speaker please contact me.

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