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Games for Product Management

I followed a Innovation Games© class by Luke Hohmann. I read the book some time ago and did not think much of it. I thought they where just more agile games, how wrong I was.

In the Agile games the focus is more on learning about agile practices, understanding it’s principles and just having fun. The Penny Game e.g. illustrates effects of batches on cycle time and ballpoint game makes you feel what it is like to work in a Scrum team.

The Innovation Games© are more about collaboration and together learning about things you don’t know that you don’t know. It is about as the name suggests innovation.

At the training we played numerous games like Give Them a Hot Tub. Below an action photo of the Give Them a Hot Tub game being played.

Team 1 is presenting to team 2 all the crazy ideas they came up with for a airline. A onboard hot tub, on board comedian and in flight dating are just some ideas. The best idea was to have beds in the plane so people could sleep during flights.

Another game I really liked was SpeedBoat. It is kind of a ‘bitching’ game but potentially give great insights because of the way the game is setup.

In the training I learned some valuable lessons in the way you can help people playing the Product Owner role with roadmapping, prioritization and discovering what customers actually value.
What I learned is that there is an interesting difference between the games we play in consulting and training aka Agile games and the Innovation Games©.

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