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ScrumPloP 2013 Finished

From 19 ’till 24 of May was ScrumPloP 2013. We got together to work on the Scrum Patterns book that will be published in a year or two.

It started as usual with people bringing in drinks, chocolates and other good things to eat 🙂

ScrumPloP 2013

A lot of patterns where workshopped including two of my own. Received great feedback on my patterns Norms Of Conduct and Create Knowledge.


We also worked on creating the first outlines of the pattern languages. Leading expert Neil Harrison and James Coplien took us on a crash course about pattern languages.

The first pattern languages that we worked on was Development Team. Jeff Sutherland and Mike Beedle composed the patterns to match their stories of their fist Scrum Team.

Development Team Pattern Language

The ScrumPloP was a fantastic learning experience and I can’t wait until ScrumPloP 2014. If you want to be part of this great experience you can contact the Product Owner of the pattern book. Please see the website for contact information.

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