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Interview with me at STOOS stampede

September 21, 2012 Leave a comment

Rini van Solingen did a interview with me on the Stoos stampede on large scale Scrum.

It was fun 🙂

You can see the video at YouTube.


Rotation across Europe for the ALE Bathtubs

October 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Back in March 2011 I came up with the idea for a Bathtub conference in the ALE community. See original thread here on the ALE Linked In group. The ALE Bathub was the first successful project that came from the ALE community that was being put together at that point in time. See ALE Network for the Bathtub and other ALE projects.

People thought it to be a good idea and we got off with ALE Bathtub 1 that was organized on Mar 2nd , Bathtub II on June 30th and Bathtub III on October 20th 2011.

At the first ALE conference in Berlin we came together and discussed my idea to move the Bathtub conference organization around Europe. The first team including Oana, Pascal, Carlo, Guntram and Cesario did a fantastic job for the first 3 Bathtubs but now it is time to pass the bucket and foster fresh ideas from other ALE members across the world.

The idea is that every Bathtub will be organized by different ALE people so that it becomes a real ALE event by the ALE people and for the ALE people.

For Bathtub IV we passed the bucket to Catia Oliveira and Michael Leber. They will be working on the organization and probably invite other to help out and make Bathtub IV even better the the first three.

ALE Bathtub III last slot by Ester Derby

October 15, 2011 Leave a comment

Bathtub III is on October 20th from 21:00 until 22:40 CEST.

Final agenda

21:00 – 21:15 CEST | Esther Derby – Re-thinking Management
21:20 – 21:35 CEST | Scott Barber – An overview of Performance Testing for Agile/Lean teams
21:40 – 21:55 CEST |Cesario Ramos – Lean Agile Sandwich
22:00 – 22:15 CEST | Olav Maassen – ‘Surprise surprise’
22:20 – 22:35 CEST | Filippo De Santis – Xkanban

Goto Bathtub III for more info and registration.

Retrospective results Bathtub II and peek at Bathtub III

We, Carlo Bechi, Oana Juncu, Pascal Dufour and Cesario Ramos had a retrospective on the 2nd Bathtub and come up with the following improvements for the 3rd Bathtub

1. Introduce 3 – 5 min breaks between the talks, so people have time for a break and some discussion using IRC, Twitter and so on.
2. We are going to search for a new tool that support multiple organizers
3. We will keep the IRC channel for collaboration
4. We will go back to 5 talks of 12 min + 3 min questions each.
5. We will be asking the country of participants to get a overview of the participants locations.
6. Plan retrospective with speakers and attendees upfront before the conference.
7. Survey after the conference.

Potential speakers for the 3rd Conference that wil be organized in october 2011.
– @vhazrati
– @cesarioramos
– @olavmaassen
– @jbrains
– Elisabeth Hendrikson
– @filippodesantis (shorter version of

The Bathtub initiative is for the ALE community and organized by the ALE community. So if you want to contribute in the organization or as a speaker please contact me.

2nd Bathtub is DONE, now up to ALE2011 in Berlin

On June 30 we had our second Bathtub conference. With 98 registered people it was a great success.
You can see the recordings of the talks by Lisa Crispin, Zsolt Zsuffa, Fabio Armani, Hakan Forss and Memi Beltrame here.

Now first to ALE2011 in Berlin on September 7-9!

Somewhere in the beginning of october the 3rd Bathtub will be organized. Probably JB Reinsberger, Olav Maassen, Cesario Ramos and Vikas Hazrati will give a talk. But lets see what happens until then.